As people go missing, they turn malformed and twisted. Eventually the Tainted begin forming into groups and raiding the good folk. The problem soon gets out of hand, and several villages fall prey to wretched creatures, scarcely resembling the people they once were.

The remaining settlements eventually realize that they were abandoned by the Duke, who had to turn his attention towards preserving the capital. Sentenced to die, they decide to arm themselves and stand their ground against The Tainted Mob.

Build your village

  • Increase your number of peasants, enabling you to recruit more soldiers and to employ more workers
  • Raise walls, towers and traps to keep you safe from the enemy
  • Provide food for your soldiers, or face desertions

Survive in the dark

At night, stand against the many types of Tainted. As days pass, their strength and numbers will rise, requiring you to come up with counter measures.

If you can afford it, holy fire will smite the spawn of dark with extreme efficiency.

Extract minerals

Increase your chances of survival by setting up mines and mining ores from nearby islands. Minerals are used to construct and reinforce buildings, and recruit better units.

And more

The Tainted Mob is still under development. Features may change and new ones may be added.

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